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Current release: v0.9.7


bancho.js is designed to be the best library when it comes to interacting with Bancho in real-time. It connects over its IRC interface and enables you to do anything Bancho enables you to do, from chatting to managing multiplayer lobbies!

It is designed to be reliable and easy to use. It has already been successfully used in several projects, most notably and osu! French Championship Hiver 2018, followed by osu!SQL in the near future, and maybe your own project!
Please let me know of your use of bancho.js! I'll gladly advertise your projects here :)

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Running an IRC bot on your osu! account for development purposes is fine, however once it enters production, it is advised to contact the osu! staff to detail the purpose of your bot and get authorization. Keep in mind you aren't allowed to create a dedicated osu! account to your bot neither. Any attempt to do so without authorization from the staff will be considered multi-accounting, which is against the osu! Terms of Use.
Also, if the osu! staff gave you their agreement, you may be eligible to higher (and known!) rate limits dedicated to chat bots. See the client options documentation for details on how to use them with the library.
osu! accounts by default have undisclosed rate limits. Therefore, this library uses by default limits that are somewhat tested on user accounts but there's no guarantee provided. The test suite should always run fine though.

Getting Started

Let's get straight into it with a working example. This will print all your incoming PMs to the console:

const Banchojs = require("bancho.js");
const client = new Banchojs.BanchoClient({ username: "ThePooN", password: "your_irc_password" });
client.connect().then(() => {
	console.log("We're online! Now listening for incoming messages.");
	client.on("PM", (message) => console.log(`${message.user.ircUsername}: ${message.message}`));


Ghouru: notice me senpai

All you need to do to run this example is install bancho.js into your project (npm i bancho.js), paste this code into a file and replace my credentials with yours, from
This library doesn't limit itself to sending messages though! It also has complete multiplayer support and the ability of firing API requests from BanchoUser objects, and much more! Learn more with the provided examples and documentation!


This library is very near completion. Thanks to everyone who supported and are now (directly or not) using the project!
There must still be some improvements to be done though. Feel free to hop on my Discord server so we can figure out issues and improve the code!
You can financially support this project by subscribing to my Twitch channel or donating.


It is licensed as GPL 3.0. The entire license text is available in the LICENSE file, however I recommend you to take a look at this short summary to get a better idea!